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OFF-WHITE Out Of Office OOO Low Tops White Black White

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Off-White was founded by Virgil Abloh in 2012, and has quickly become one of the most innovative and award-winning brands in the fashion space. See More
Off-White's blend of luxury and streetwear has influenced many other high fashion brands to add their flair to common silhouettes. In fact, the name reflects just that. In choosing the name Off-White, Abloh was referencing gray areas. Since its launch, Off-White has made some of the most striking sneakers in recent memory. One great example of this is the Off-White Vulc Low. It's a high-vis shoe suggestive of the lines painted on roads or of those found on caution tape. Abloh's signature red zip tie tag is also represented. The Off-White Industrial Slider is also popular among collectors. It's a great, comfortable basic for any wardrobe, reminiscent of the slides athletes often wear before and after practice.